Domain Construction ATX provides a quality  experience for property owners, retail tenants, investors and real estate agents.

Our goal encompasses a passion to produce a building experience and a completed project with a consultative approach.


Domain Construction is passionate about being one of Austin’s best retail, commercial and office remodeling companies and proud of our industry! We LOVE what we do and it shows in every project we create.

Our craftsmen are craftsmen! They take pride in their work, creating every aspect of our projects as a fine piece of furniture. We are not a remodeling company with a “buy it cheap – replace it later” philosophy. Our belief is to beat the test of time and create something of value.

Locally owned and operated in the Austin area, our business reflects who we are and what’s important in our lives.  Because of this, people choose us to take care of them and create retail and office remodeling projects that stand the test of time.

At Domain Construction, we do not cut corners. We use only top quality products (not the most expensive, but top quality) and have talented, responsible tradesmen and contractors. We have formed lasting relationships in the Austin area and stay educated to keep up with the latest retail, office and residential codes and industry regulations.

Staying informed provides clients the best information available regarding the “real” cost of their Austin building projects. This means our projects are not delayed or experience cost overruns because we already know about recent code changes. If that were to happen, it is on us. When you hire Domain Construction, you are hiring a building professional. Count on us for accurate construction numbers. We do not intend to let you down.

We protect our remodeling reputation in Austin by doing what we say and providing the absolute best in remodeling services. Our contracts are detailed, allowing clients to rest easy about their decisions. Some in Austin might consider us to be a bit high, but that’s not at all true – we are accurate with our numbers from the very beginning of your project.

Many of our customers have called on us for help when they have been through an unpleasant experience with other local remodeling companies. Many have become our best clients and biggest remodeling advocates! We do right by our clients and for the local remodeling industry.

Choose Domain Construction for all of your commercial and office remodeling needs. We hope you will allow us to serve you and will become part of our Domain Construction family of clients.


When you love an area or a location, when you find a house or live in a house that has unique features you love, when you’re torn between moving or buying the not-so-perfect house, but all else is perfect about it, a whole house remodel is an option.

The current trends of Open Floor Plans, Master Suites, Mudrooms, Garages, Closet Space can all be challenged but it’s not impossible. If you care about an area, the history of a house, or the integrity of a neighborhood, redesigning a floor plan and remodeling the house to fit your needs can give you a unique home that is uniquely your own. You can also incorporate the latest needs or trends of today’s homes.

Our designs will blow you away. Our craftsmanship is outstanding, and our processes will keep you informed and excited. A whole house remodel is very challenging, there are LOTS of decisions, and you need a well thought-out plan to avoid too many “extra charges”. In the end, you will have a home that fits your specific family’s lifestyle.


There is a reason the kitchen has always been referred to as the Heart of the Home. It is the central location for all family activities. Domain Construction specializes in kitchen remodeling in Austin.
It has become so much more than just a place to prepare meals. It is where we entertain. It’s where we have all our important discussions. It’s where we plan our days, do our homework, read up on news and events, search the web and oh yeah…cook and have meals!

Each family has different requirements for the way they use their kitchens. Share your lives with us. We will design and build the perfect kitchen, meant just for you and your family!


Bathrooms have come a long way in history. Today’s bathroom is everything from mornings of shared time with multiple family members trying to prepare for the day’s activities to tub time with toddlers to an Oasis of escape from the craziness of a busy day.
They definitely have become a reflection of how life can be made easier for families and their needs.

Tell us about your bathroom- do you need another one? Do you need an extended one for multiple family members to share? Do you need music or a television because it is the ONLY place you can find some privacy?

Whatever your dreams, we can create a design for you and build an incredible bathroom that will carry you through many lifestyle changes.


Master Suites are where every adult escapes from the outside world. They should be your own retreat. A place that fits the way you wind-down. The way you relax, the way you sleep, the way you dress and prepare for your day.

Everyone has their own rituals to start and end their day. Anything from reading in bed, to meditation; to a place to do daily stretches can and should be considered when planning your bedroom.
Dressing must also be considered. Having your own closets as living partners or sharing that space for dressing can all be designed around your unique schedules and how you work that space.

To complete the “Bedroom” area and make it a true “Master-Suite”, a private bathroom completes the design. Think about how you share that space. Understanding the flow of that shared space can determine what is most important to you and your partner when designing a stress-free space- which is what Master Suites are all about.


Domain Construction understands that you may love your neighbors and neighborhood, but you may be outgrowing the home you live in. That’s why some families come to us wanting to expand on what they currently have with a beautiful addition to their home.

We pride ourselves in creating additions that look original to the existing house and its structure. An obvious add-on or pop-up de-values your home and is an eye sore when done incorrectly. Our team are experts at creating the extra space needed, while providing an amazing addition to the curb appeal of your home. Let us help you with the creation of extra space in a design that will WOW you with the craftsmanship that you’ll take pride in every day.

Share your vision and we can make it a reality. Listening to our customers is our top priority.



Our Services include:

  • Home Remodeling
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms/Showers
  • Flooring
  • Siding/Windows
  • Roofs/Gutters
  • HVAC/Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Decks/Fences
  • Landscaping
  • Painting
  • Pop Corn Removal
  • Sheetrock
  • Fireplace
  • Custom Carpentry/Cabinetry
  • Investment Properties
  • Make-Ready Services
  • Commercial Build-Outs
  • New Construction
  • Flip Houses



Communities We Serve include: Austin, West Lake Hills, Manchacha, Buda, Kyle, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Cedar Park and the surrounding areas.

Whether you are a real estate agent, investor, tenant or home owner, trust Domain Construction to bring your vision to life.

Contact Domain Construction ATX now.

What clients say

From beginning to end, the project could not have been better – professional, on time and well priced! Terri and her team listened to our ideas and brought our vision to reality! We could not be more thrilled with the results! We highly recommend Domain Construction Services! 5 Stars! - Erik Bremer

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